Check Engine Light and trouble starting on 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

My check engine light is on and it's stalling when the engine is hot. I've replaced the coil and plugs. Do you have any ideas before we replace anything else?

Before replacing any components it is best to prove they are defective. A scan tool needs to be plugged into your car to determine what area the problem with starting or stalling are associated with. If you could tell us the codes we can probably help identify the most likely cause of the problem.
We did a diagnostic test at a repair shop and the only thing it read was the catalytic converter needed to be replaced. No other codes are registering. My dad tested the coil and it was not getting any fire. We've done the regular maintenance like air filter, fuel filter, fuel injector cleaner and dry gas. People are suggesting ignition module????
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What are the diagnostic trouble codes that are turning the check engine light on?
Have you contacted your local dealer to see if your car has a recall on the connector to the Mass Airflow Sensor? During the beginning of the new model Jetta's of 1999, 2000 and 2001 many cars experienced this problem which were resolved once the recall was performed.
My 2002 Jetta was doing the same thing. Would fire up every time. When the car was at idle it would shut off. Let the car cool and would fire back up. Ignition Position Sensor was bad. Kind of a pain to get to but you can do it yourself. Fixed the problem right away.