Chevrolet Cobalt Problem Report

Chevrolet Cobalt Check Engine Light Due to Engine Misfire

(63 reports)

The ignition module or an ignition coil may fail causing an engine misfire, the Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate. Diagnoses will be required to determine the cause and needed repair.

The engine light would come on and go off all the time. Went in to get it fixed after Autozone guy thought if could be spark plugs but turned out to be engine coil. Just picked it up after getting fixed. You know with all the recalls and crap wrong with this car, I no wonder they quit making them. I am so ready to buy a Ford. This car is CRAP!!!!!!! What's worse is I gave up a perfectly never worked on Chevy Cavalier for this newer car. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!!???? -
Car stalled, restarted, no power and kept stalling. Dealer did so-called "diagnostics" and said I needed new spark plugs, thermostat replaced and fuel induction service, cost $769. Took to an independent mechanic, changed plugs because I told them dealer said needed done. Problem persisted. Independent investigated further and found the problem. Cost $290 -
car misfires and lunges when you come to a stop especially in real cold weather -
it starts to miss and ack like it is going to die. Then quits and comes back again. -
My car did the same as all the others, stalled and misfired when slowing down and coming to a stop the first indication was that my head lights would dim and my car would have much less power then the stalling would begin, my check engine light never came on and the incidents seem to happen more frequently when it was colder outside but not always, my car definitely does not get the gas mileage that it should and seems to run with less power. Had my manifold cleaned out as they believed that it was clogged this improved the situation slightly as far as the stalling goes but I still have a car that is running powerless with crappy gas mileage and seems to be eating up oil but no leaks? Very dissapointed! -
The car wanted to stall while breaking for stops. I had a tune up one day. The same day it still wanted to stall after the tune up. Had it at BP their machine said it needed a mass air flow sensor. Same thing...wanted to stall. Went bk to BP then their machine said the lower mass air flow sensor...had it changed...same thing...wanted to stall...had the fuel filter changed...omg same the mechanic says it could be the coil pack...they're checking for one for a decent price.... -
replaced coil and module -
Car engine would cut off while slowing down or at stop sign/light. Check engine light came on & had to pay for a full diagnosis to find out the coil pack needed to be replaced...then it was followed by needed a replacement of a catalytic converter...then the ignition recall followed by a replacement of the Starter. What a crappy vehicle :( -
engine low idles when coming to stop. bad ticking noise when accelerating. eating oil as well as milky oil (not the head gasket or related). chevy pos!!! -
I was told that I needed to have my engine rebuilt and the ECM rplaced. The car is still having electrical problems. Told I needed the TCM replaced, and still have the problems with the electrical system. -
Was driving to doctors appointment and car started to hesitate and check engine light was blinking, barely made it to doctor, upon returning to my home did it again, I took it right to my mechanic. He diagnosed the problem as bad ignition coil and spark plugs. Over $200 to repair. This should be a recall. I was afraid for my life... -
Has not been fixed cannot afford it right now. Initially car was stalling, rough idle, surging & initially MAP & MAF sensors replaced, new air filter just in case & throttle body cleaned. Now check engine light is just flashing,stalling immediately, black smoke from exhaust, now misfiring & engine shaking. Don't know when it will be further repaired. -
I have had multiple parts replaced,,TCM, Coil Pack, pollution thing. the list goes on. Now it is Coding misfire in number one and running extremely rough I am once again putting it in the garage on Monday to have the Camshaft pos sensor. I feel Chevy saw me coming. I have called and complained and like many others have been told that their is nothing they can do. They definitely don't care where their paychecks and their beachfront properties come from. -
Cylinder 2 ignition coil, coil boot, -
Check engine light blinking and misfire code -
Misfire at idle in cold weather. -
Very Sluggish when starting off n just replaced Spark Plugs n was good for 2 days n Engine light back on thinking about putting New Coil Pack in and see if that fixes the problem. -
Initially the check engine light would turn off after the car warmed up, and then one day it jerked so bad and the light popped back on and hasn't turned off since. Car starts jerking when I'm at a stop sign or idling. Started at about 97k, I'm at 102k If I put it in park doesn't happen. Replaced spark plugs, serpentine belt, radiator, all the filters. Took it to a mechanic, codes coming up are exhaust and intake sensor. Already put 800 into this car. It's driving me insane. I really hope replacing the ignition coil and ignition module will rectify this. If I wasn't upside down on this POS I wouldn't be worrying about it and just got a new effing car. -
When stopped at light, as I accelerate to drive again, the car will jerk then pick up speed. When in heavy traffic, if I sit for too long, the check engine light will begin to flash. I have taken it to 2 Chevy dealerships and they both changed the oil but did not have time to check and fix the issue. Both dealerships wanted me to bring it back. -
Car stutters and looses power/power steering. Headlights dim and then get brighter. Seems to do it most often. In really hot or cold weather -
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