check engine light and gas cap? on 2008 Lexus RX400h

my way to work this morning, the check engine light came up. Lexus dealership said the gas cap is not sealing properly that is the reason the light came up and i need to order a new cap. this car has only 35000 miles and gas cap looks new, is this a real problem? do i need a new cap?


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Mita, the dealership told you that the gas cap is not sealing properly, why don't you just order that cap?
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go to auto zone and have codes scanned for free and post so we can adv
Looks can be deceiving , especially when the valving in a gas cap is not easily visible. The round o-ring you see is often not the part that leaks. IF they are set-up for emissions testing , then they should have equipment to test and verify gas cap failure........Maybe not enough fiber in cars diet??
I cant say for sure but the gas cap is a common problem
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