Check engine light on 2003 Toyota Camry

I have owned many Toyotas over the past 15 years. All were set up to have the check engine light come on every 24,000 miles. In each car, you only had to push the triptometer switch with the car in the ACC mode and the light would reset. Now my moms 2003 Camry hit 24,000 miles and the light came on. I tried the same thing to turn off the light but her triptometer did not turn it off. Does the Camry have a different way of turning off the light? I hate to make a trip to the dealer for this.

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i have a 2003 cambry with 47,800 mies and the check engine light came on can it be turned off by the odo trip button on dash?
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Is the light on the dash of your car a yellow colored icon that represents the silhouette outline of an engine? This light is not representing the need for an oil change or general service it is a sign of an emission failure. A scan tool is required to "talk to" the computer on your car to see what it saw as the failure at the moment the Check Engine light was illuminated on your car.
Your car doesn't have an oil change interval reset light as far as I know. Newer Toyota's do. The reset procedure for them is is to press the trip set until mileage (not trip A or trip B) is shown. press down the reset button, turn off the ignition while holding down the reset button turn the ignition key to the Accessory position ( the position before engine run) the digital mileage will turn to a set of dashes, keep the button depressed until all the dashes disappear then release the button you are holding depressed.