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1997 Mazda Protege Question: check engine light

my check engine light came on. the mechanic says i need a new engine. how likely is this to be the case on a vehicle that has 112,000 miles? -
Answer 1
need more info but 112k miles is a little young to die - but not unheard of.It all depends on how good you maintained it over the years. -
Comment 1
I agree a check engine light does equal an engine replacement. How does the engine run? What was the code? We routinely do free diagnostics including pulling codes for our customers. Let us know whatever you decide and good luck. -
Answer 2
If you would like a second opinion you can bring it to our shop and we can look at it at no charge. You didn't provide much information. The check engine light may be on for many reasons but we wouldn't be able to say if this is true unless we were able to look at your vehicle. -
Answer 3
how does it run and what code does it show does it burn oil or knock at all ive got 1 if u need it -
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