check engine light on 2000 Honda CR-V

How much does it cost to diagnose the problem? We think it is the fuel injectors..

by in Santa Fe, NM on May 10, 2010
3 answers
ANSWER by on May 17, 2010
Head to an auto parts store and ask them if they have a code reader. Usually they will check it and tell you what the problem is for free. I have had this done at Aut o Zon e.
ANSWER by on June 20, 2010
i have checked all wiring and plugs and cleaned the gas filter and fuel injectors did a comk=pression test and the check engine light is still on and the honda crv is still ideling bad
ANSWER by on August 23, 2010
honda charges 115.00 to tell you the code and there shut it off i have the same car and yearif you have questions cal me 508 676 5620 lori & ken
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A binding fuel filler cap can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Our technicians tell us this can be caused by a problem with the fuel filler ne...
...//EN" ""> A defect in the throttle body can cause the Check Engine light (MIL) to illuminate. Replacing the throttle body will repair this issue.
On certain models a faulty fuel tank pressure sensor (FTP) can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate. The FTP sensor will generally require replacement to repair this condition.
check engine light came on and when came to a stop, rough idling occurred

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