Check engine light on 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

About 35000 miles, check engine light came on. Dealership repaired. Stated a sensor on top of gas tank went bad. I have about 52000 miles now and the engine light has come on again. Engine runs fine, nothing appearent. Tried the gas cap routine. Checking gas milage. The same 16 to 17 MPG. Disconnected the battery, attempting to reset the computer. No Go. Seems to be the same issue as before. is this sensor a common item to go bad. ( Truck is 4x4, crew cab)

by in Leland, NC on April 20, 2009
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3 answers
ANSWER by , April 22, 2009
You will need to check the code to know for sure. Is the same code re-occurring?
ANSWER by , April 22, 2009
RepairPal's common problems information doesn't mention anything about that particular problem: I could very easily be a completely unrelated problem causing the check engine light to come on. Do you have a trouble code?
ANSWER by , January 30, 2011
this isn't the answer but i have the same truck and was told dust is the problem, first time was at about 3200 miles, 2 time is 54000 mils by the way there factory parts put new gas cap on not it . bought the pressure sensor 60 bucks dosn't look like what i see only other part is some type of charcoal filter box 570 bucks!other than light being on doesn't seem to do any harm.