check engine light on 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

can a weak battery cause the check engine light to come on? When checked, the repairman said it was a leak detection pump not operating. He also said the battery was very weak. We put in a new battery and the check engine light has remained off ever since. Could that have been the cause of the pump not operating?

by in Lyndonville, VT on October 09, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 09, 2009
The computer in your car records and keeps in its memory the problem it first say when it decided to illuminate the Check Engine light. The memory for the computer is wiper clean when the battery is disconnected or power to the computer is removed. The computer had seen a leak detection error, it was either an intermittent fault of the computer has not seen a repeat failure of the pump.
ANSWER by on October 09, 2009
when you had your battery replace the PCM was reset so the trouble codes were eraze this does not mean the problem was solve the check engine light will come back on once the computer determines the fault the faulty system has to malfunction a couple of times before the MIL comes back on
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