check engine light on 2007 Chevrolet Colorado

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My check engine light will go out when I fill the gas tank.
fill it drive about a mile and restart engine light out.
drive all day no light. Next morning first start light on.
Tried new gas cap. diagnostic code p0017camshaft position.
That was checked at dealer code cleared fine fixed.Next
morning light off gas tank drive a mile restart
light out when it comes back on it's codep0017 again.
I drove over 200 miles to reset still same result.
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There is something wrong with the exhaust cam position sensor circuit and/or the exhaust cam position actuator circuit because the two aren't coinciding, that's what's setting the code.. You need a GM specialist to diagnose it and estimate for you.
BTW: Going to the dealer and having the code erased and putting the light out doesn't fix anything..
If you want to see a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
Thank you

Would this cause my brake lights to fail?
Or my door locks or windows to malfunction?
Why would filling the gas tank and topping it off turn the light out?

Thanks Superbob