Check Engine Light on 1999 Acura RL

I disconnected battery and, check engine light was off until I got up to 45 mph and light came back on. Any suggestions. Also, car has 270,115 miles on it and, runs great even with light on.

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Disconnecting the battery won't clear the trouble codes or fix anything. If the light's on, it's indicating that the computer detects a fault in the sensors and control systems. It should have data and trouble codes stored in the computer and you need a scanner to access that information. Then you can fix the car. With that mileage, the first thing I suspect are oxygen sensor or catalytic converter problems which you may not notice driving the car.
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Thanks for the imformation. I replaced all 3oxygen sensors last year. I did notice that when the light is off, It has very quick acceleration.

Thanks again.
You will need to get a diagnosis on your vehicle by a qualified mechanic. To me, it sounds like a fuel control issue (oxygen sensor, etc). Not entirely sure, the diagnosis will tell you everything you need to know. Good luck.

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