check engine light on 2008 Chevrolet HHR

car has 48000 miles it was hard to start this morning & now check engine light is on Do you have any ideas whats wrong & wheres the fuel pump located

by in Trinity, TX on April 15, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on September 29, 2010
Hello I have the same problem with mines. I travel a lot and it has 120,000 miles in to it. I tell I love this car. I did an obd test on it if you know what I'am saying. It's that hand held computer that you hook up under the dash to check the engine light and I checked and it saids that engine is running to lean code (0171). I took my car to the dealer to see what they will tell me, they did a diagnostics test on it and they said that it was the water pump. They told me that evcerything will cost me $900.00 TO GET FIX. Don't be foold by any dealer I found out with a friend of mines that's a mechanic that the water pump has a (Fuel Vapor Pressure Sensor). All the dealers don't want to go through all the work by bringing the tank down and replacing the sensor so they will rob you of your money. They sell the parts over in florida at an auto parts called (Advance Auto Parts) for $39.00 plus tax and the dealer here in new york wants $90.00. What kind of a joke is this. This job I will do it my self and I will order the parts in florida. I have been driving around for the past 6 months with my cdar like that. every third or fourth time my car starts no problem. goodlock (e-mail) terminatorxd1@YAHOO.COM
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