check engine light on 1991 Toyota Camry

how do I reset the check engine light to turn it off. I know how to read the codes and find the problems and repair them but I don't know the procedure to get the dash light to go out. It won't pass smog with the check engine light on.

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You can just disconnect the negative battery terminal for 30 seconds on an early Toyota and that will do the trick. If the light comes right back on, there is another code or the code is still not properly repaired. Let me know if this helps I have a lot of experience with OBDI Toyotas.
hoping you're still arround. i have a 92 camry v6 that suddenly started running rough, high idles and smell very rich. isolated it down to number four cylinder injector stuck on. my question is how do i fix the problem of the MIL staying on even after pulling EFI fuse or disconnecting the battery. MIL will not reset nor can i pull codes by shorting TE1 to E1 on diag connector? Thanks in advance, hope you can help. miloaksrider