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2007 Ford Fusion Question: check engine light

check engine light codes P0012, P0018 what are they telling to change the transmisson has been shifting rough, also were would the censors be located? -
Answer 1
its not telling you to change anything. it is telling you that there is a problem within that system and needs to be checked for the problem. get a real diag from a real shop and they will tell you what needs to be done. it will save you money and headaches. Roy -
Comment 1
yes thank you. very helpful -
Answer 2
speed sensor is on trans right side top -
Answer 3
There is a TSB on harsh shifting,Ford suggest reprograming the PCM.For the codes VCT cam timing fault.Check your oil,Keep up with oil changes.Have the sync. checked with a scope.Cam crank sync. Is not in specs. -
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