Check Engine Light on 1994 Oldsmobile 98

My check engine light keeps coming on. I have done a tune up and oil has been changed I took it to Auto Zone because they will check you computer for free. I was told that my car was to old. I need to know what I should be looking for because this worries me.

by in Denver, CO on May 19, 2011
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ANSWER by on May 19, 2011
your car is not OBDII, so their "free" scanner won't work. you will likely need to pay a shop to run a diagnostic on it if you want it fixed.
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ANSWER by on May 19, 2011
The good news is that your car is not that difficult to diagnose and repair. Give a good shop in your neighborhood a call. Expect to pay them to perform some tests and figure out what is needed.
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ANSWER by on May 20, 2011
Give us a call and set up a time to bring it in. I will pull the codes for you for free. It should only take a few minutes. Diagnostics fees are extra.
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