check engine light on 2000 Nissan Altima

my check engine light came on and I am not getting any codes from the scantool any help would be appreciated. I recently replaced the cap and rotor if that matters

by in La Verkin, UT on January 23, 2009
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ANSWER by on January 23, 2009
Some scan tools have particular problems reading Nissan trouble codes. We have three scan tools where I work for this reason. Each tool has its strengths and weakness with each manufacturer but if a Check Engine Light is on there is a code stored in your car's computer. When replacing the distributor cap and rotor did you see the presence of oil in the distributor body? I have seen the distributor seal fail flooding the distributor with engine oil and I have seen distributors fail on this 2.4L engine. I would have to suggest using another scan tool.
ANSWER by on March 03, 2010
How do you reset engine oil maintance light
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A problem in the vehicle speed sensor circuit may cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.
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