check engine light on 2003 Ford F-150

when the weather turns cold the check engine light comes on. i then take my truck to AutoZone and they tell me the error says "left bank lean". This only happens during cold weather. During the summer the check engine light never comes on.I can clear the error by removing the battery cable for about 30 sec. but the light is back on within a few days.

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I disagree -- if you had a intake gasket leak or a upper plenum leak, you would have both banks show lean. If you have a single bank lean (P0174 probably in this case?), it's best to start looking at the function of the heated oxygen sensor.

Better yet, getting the truck to a qualified technician is the best idea of all. Here is a directory of some shops near you...

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You have an upper plenium or lower intake manifold gasket leak. You might be lucky and only have a bad ruuber elbow or hose leaking.