Check engine light on 2005 Chrysler Sebring

My check engine light has been on for a while now. I took it to a Schucks a while back and they told me it was an Oxygen sensor. I replaced it and the light went off. It is on again. When I turn the ignition on but don't turn the car over, the light comes on constant for about 15 sec and then blinks 10 times. Is there a way to identify the problem from how it blinks?

by in Wenatchee, WA on June 18, 2010
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ANSWER by on July 02, 2010
Go to the dealer ONLY and buy new o2 sensors--- do not use auto parts store after market o2 sensors or any after market sensor parts they do not send the correct signals. In most cases it's also cheaper from the dealer and different dealers have different prices. O2 sensor front are 65 bucks at dealer. more $ at o'reilly etc and they do not work right.
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