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2000 Mazda Miata MX-5 Question: Check engine light

The car will be running fine and then the CEL comes on. It is never consisent. We have had it checked outand code read but no luck. The last garage told us it could be computer. has anyone ever had to replace computer or is it mor likely a specific problem -
Answer 1
The code stored from a check engine light is always a clue -- so without it, it's hard to suggested a direction. Replacing a computer is not usually a way to solve many problems. -
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I've got the same problem, the code I get 420. I've had the catalac converter changed and replaced the spark plugs and wiring along with the replacing the coil pack and the light has came on again.....I was looking to see if there was a recall for this problem but didn't see one. -
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Reply on 11-22-2010 with the 420 code . Did you find the problem? I have the same problem and did the same work and still get the engine light on and the 420 code. What gives ! SJ driver -
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Did your P0420 code return after the cat was replaced? P0420 doesn't always mean bad converter... -
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