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1995 Subaru Legacy Question: Check Engine Light

Does the 1995 Legacy have the connector so I can take it to an auto parts place and have it hooked to the sensor to tell why the check engine light went on? -
Answer 1
Your 1995 Subaru is OBD2 compliant, it has a common 16 pin socket under the dash which is common to all other OBD2 compliant cars regardless of manufacturer. Codes will displayed as Example P0420, P1142 ect.... -
Comment 1
I didn't think it was either but Alldata implied it was. Older Suburu's had conectors under the dash that you connected together to get the codes to "flash". For OBD1 trouble codes procedures perhaps try http://www.troublecodes.net/Subaru/ -
Answer 2
I hate to differ with you Pat but this Legacy is not OBD II compliant. -
Answer 3
yes. You need an OBD 1 scan tool to read the problem. the port is just to the left of the steering wheel. -
Answer 4
Yes, I have a 95 Legacy wagon and my check engine light came on and I took it to Advance Auto and they checked it told me the problem then reset it so the light would go off -
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