Check engine light on 1990 Ford Mustang GT

when on the interstate my check engine light comes on and goes off every once in a while. I just had motor rebuilt new tranny new clutch new O2 sensors I am lost. The only thing I haven't replaced is the fuel pump and fuel filter.

by in Murrieta, CA on March 29, 2011
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ANSWER by on March 29, 2011
if you are changing altitude , the o2 sensors could be reacting to thinner air. it was not uncommon for obd 1 systems to re act like this. have it double checked at a shop to confirm. Roy
COMMENT by on March 29, 2011
The altitude isn't changing. It started after heavy rain but on the coast here there is no change in altitude
COMMENT by on March 29, 2011
ok, then you need a shop to pull the code with an obd 1 tester to get the code and diag it to determine the issue. if you give me the code, i can guide you from there. Roy
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