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2003 Pontiac Grand Am Question: Check Engine Light

I can't figure out why the check enging light didn't go out after I replaced the 02 sensor and that was the only code that came up for the light being on, So I changed the 02 sensor and after about 5 minutes of driving the light popped back on so I did the dianostic again and the same code came up so now I'm lost. -
Answer 1
What brand of oxygen sensor? sometimes the aftermarket sensors won't quite send the right signal maybe try a stock sensor -
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It was a bosch brand o2 sensor, But I'll get a a/c delco sensor and see what happens. -
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Illumination of the Check Engine Light may be the result of a loose or worn gas cap.
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The oxygen sensor can fail causing Check Engine Light illumination and the engine to run rich (burn more fuel than normal).