Check Engine Light on 2005 Porsche 911

The Check Engine Light went on a few times and stayed on. Took the car to dealer and each time did not indicate any problems. The car drives normally with no problems. What else could be causing this aside from what is already been published in the QA section?

by in Fremont, CA on September 06, 2010
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ANSWER by on September 06, 2010
The car should be checked for History Codes. You may have an intermittent problem. As long as the codes were not cleared, there will be a code in the history that can start you on the diagnostic path.
Related Items: PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN" ""> Check Engine Light illumination and performance issues can be caused by oxygen sensor faults.
...l//EN" ""> Due to air leaks at various locations, the Check Engine Light may illuminate.
...EN" ""> Cam tensioner/cam timing issues can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.
I had my water expansion tank replaced, two weeks later the CEL lit and had the Porsche Dealership service the car, their code findings were cylinder 1-3-5 not working. Causes could be cooling leak...
sat over winter, got in w manual entry, popped hood, replaced battery, can enter with fob now but car starts then dies as if running out of fuel. Porsche wants me to tow to shop, not liking that i...

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