1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV Q&A

1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV Question: Check engine light

Good Morning, My check engine light has been coming on for about 6 months now but she has been running great. It comes on after about 5-10 min. of driving her no matter what the weather is. Having said this she has the 3.8L in her about two week ago I noticed a what feels like a miss at about 40 mph she has a miss but when I step on it she has great power no hesitation. Today when I was stoped at a light I noticed what seemed to be a miss. As I said this light has been coming on for a good 6 months or longer with no problem. Anyway what I would like to know is what sensors set off the check engine light?. I know I should bring her to a garage but being out of work I was wondering if someone could just tell me what I might check?. I collect old cars (Chevy's) no computers so I would know where to lok -
Answer 1
Really should have a tech look at this problem -
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Afternoon again, As I stated earier today my check engine light comes on about 15 min. into driving her & stays on this has been going on for some time now....
Illumination of the Check Engine Light may be the result of a loose or worn gas cap.
i just purchased this van and so far i have put a TPS and Cooling sensor on it, and it has a rough idle and the check engine light blinks on and off, and shows a code 15, any ideas?
We have replave the altero. and the van still won't hold a charge you can jump start it but it act like it out out gas the speedmoter stop working and the check engine light come on after you drive...