Check engine light on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV

Good Morning, My check engine light has been coming on for about 6 months now but she has been running great. It comes on after about 5-10 min. of driving her no matter what the weather is. Having said this she has the 3.8L in her about two week ago I noticed a what feels like a miss at about 40 mph she has a miss but when I step on it she has great power no hesitation. Today when I was stoped at a light I noticed what seemed to be a miss. As I said this light has been coming on for a good 6 months or longer with no problem. Anyway what I would like to know is what sensors set off the check engine light?. I know I should bring her to a garage but being out of work I was wondering if someone could just tell me what I might check?. I collect old cars (Chevy's) no computers so I would know where to lok

by in Camillus, NY on March 11, 2010
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ANSWER by on March 11, 2010
Really should have a tech look at this problem
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Afternoon again, As I stated earier today my check engine light comes on about 15 min. into driving her & stays on this has been going on for some time now....
...r interrupter (magnet) may become demagnetized and/or fall off of the camshaft gear causing the Check Engine Light (Service Engine Soon) light to illuminate. On higher mileage vehicles it would be advisable to...
Illumination of the Check Engine Light may be the result of a loose or worn gas cap.
...this van and so far i have put a TPS and Cooling sensor on it, and it has a rough idle and the check engine light blinks on and off, and shows a code 15, any ideas?
...charge you can jump start it but it act like it out out gas the speedmoter stop working and the check engine light come on after you drive it for a few minutes. had everything tested still saying low charge.

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