check engine light on 1998 Hyundai Elantra

in damp or wet weather my check engine light comes on. The computer says its a #3 cylinder misfire, so I changed the sparkplugs and wirres and it is still happening. The ignition coil was changed 3 months ago, what else can be the problem.

by in Staten Island, NY on May 04, 2009
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ANSWER by on May 04, 2009
Electricity wants to take the easiest path to ground. Moisture certainly provides a convenient path to ground for spark. Porous spark plug wires certainly fail in wet weather. Ensure the spark plug wires are routed and separated as Hyundai call for. Hyundia techs strongly recommend NGK spark plugs part number 6953, An intake manifold gasket can cause a misfire in one cylinder. I was trying to find an article I read about an engine wiring harness problem some Hyundai have. Hyundia are very good at offering all there bulletins and service manuals on line for free check there link below
ANSWER by on October 01, 2010
i am having the same exact problems, it only ever happens in damp weather, or really heavy rainfall. did you ever figure out what it was?
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