check engine is on but the car runs well. on 2002 Suzuki Esteem

My check engine is on yet my car is running fine with no signs of anything wrong.

Asked by for the 2002 Suzuki Esteem
You could have many possible causes. One item you can easily check is to make sure your fuel cap is secure. One area you usually notice no symptoms with is the evaporative emissions system, which requires a secure fuel cap to seal the fuel system. Other issues can be present in that system, but the fuel cap is the best place to start looking.

Other than that, you simply need to have a qualified technician help diagnose it for you. Here is a link of local shops near you. Good luck!

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Have you tried to tighten your gas cap and entry door tight and closed? It worked for me, who would of thought the gas cap had anything to do with that light, right? It does apparently!