My 2000 Camry has almost 140,000 miles on it. I've the check engine light on for about 6 months. The Toyota dealership found code P0442 as the culprit relating to the evap cannister. They quoted a replacement/repair price of $675. My local repair shop quoted about $100 dollars less. Both stated that the driveability of the car is not effected. Are the repair quotes reasonable and are they correct about the driveability?

by in Flagler Beach, FL on April 13, 2009
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ANSWER by , April 14, 2009
Some evaporative emission problems can cause a vacuum leak making the air fuel ratio a little lean under certain conditions. Toyota have had several evaporative emission related faults requiring the charcoal canister or solenoid valves to be replaced to turn off the Check Engine Light. In general I would say little risk of causing damage by driving the car but if another (and there are many reasons) problem occurs with an Oxygen sensor or any other sensor you would not be informed that a new problem has arisen as the Check Engine light was all ready on.
COMMENT by , April 30, 2009
To autotechpat...thanks for the reply. Do you think the repair estimate, $675, is reasonable.
COMMENT by , April 30, 2009
Replacement is quite easy and then resetting the Check Engine Light and a test drive. Price is about what my boss charges as well.
COMMENT by , May 01, 2009
To autotechpat...thanks again for your help.
COMMENT by , July 19, 2010
Does the replacement of this part P0442 occurs every 4 yrs? I had the same problem 4 yrs ago, the mechanic replaced the part and the engine light went away...however, after 4 yrs the engine light comes on and the mechanic found code P0442 again. My car is a 2003 Toyota Matrix, any feedback would be helpful
COMMENT by , November 12, 2010
Before replacing anything, check that the vacuum hose on the backside of your engine air filter box is properly connected. If it gets yanked when the lid of the air box is opened, to replace the engine air filter, you'll get the evap code. It's an expensive mistake that shops don't check for.
COMMENT by , February 04, 2011
THANKS! It was the vacuum hose on the air filter. Just saved my girlfriend a ton of money and got me some freaky action because she was so excited.
ANSWER by , October 06, 2010
You can get the part for less then a $100 dollars and replace your self in five minutes with some new clamps. What your paying for when you take it in is Labor Cost. Something that takes them ten minutes to do.
COMMENT by , December 07, 2010
Wrong - The part itself lists for $475, unless you know someplace cheaper to get it.
ANSWER by , August 18, 2012
I don't have an answer. I thought I just gave the question/issue and someone would give me an answer?