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2001 Honda Odyssey Question: check engine comes on

check engine light is on/tcs comes on on its own sometimes/took to have check light on at advance auto parts/they said tcc error code/anybody help with that code -
Answer 1
Check Engine Light and Traction Control Lights share some inputs that can cause the lights to come on (fixing one may fix the other) do you have the codes they will look something like P0430, or P1142. If you can tell us the codes I can tell you the proable cuases. -
Comment 1
the code is po740 -
Comment 2
Unfortunately it is a common problem. The torque converter fails and sends debris into the transmission it is important that the transmission oil cooler is properly cleaned to avoid repeat failure of the transmission. -
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unfortunately he said if no check engine light will come on the counsel it will be an automatic...
...is prone to problems with the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve) which can cause the Check Engine Light to illuminate.
A faulty Idle Air Control valve (IAC) can cause the engine to surge and the Check Engine light (MIL) to come on. Replacing the IAC valve will repair this issue.
There have been reports of Catalytic Converter failure that causes the Check Engine light to co...