Check engine & change engine oil lights on 2002 Chevrolet Impala

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When car is turned on the change engine oil light and check engine lights stay on. Check engine oil goes off eventually but check engine stays on. Oil was changed and reset but light still comes on. Check engine light was turned off but still comes back on. Car was recently checked for battery drain, circuits were checked and BCM replaced and programed. Fuse panels were checked and coolant system checked for leaks. Car runs ok,batteru ok but check engine light stays on.
(2) Answers
they did not re set the change oil light.
you need to have the code checked for the check engine light. you have some malfunction in the fuel control system. take it to a shop to have it checked.

for oil lite try putting key in the on position (not running)and press the gas pedal 3 times.lite should flash and then reset itself.