check coolant light on 2002 Volkswagen Passat

i recently did my oil change and my check coolant light keeps going on, what can it be. i add more coolant but it keeps going on

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First things first, Are you adding the correct coolant ? VW are/can be picky about what fluids you use. If you are using VW approved coolant then you need to take a close look and the sensor in the over flow bottle. If it is wet and under the coolant level it could be bad. Make sure that it is in contact with coolant. If it is then unplug it and see it the light goes out. If it dose then most likely the sensor it's self is the problem
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Are you constantly loosing coolant? If so you have to have the cooling system pressurized to locate and repair the source of the leak. If the light keeps coming on but the fluid level is OK it is likely the coolant level sensor in the reservoir may be bad.
I disagree, completely. The plug beneath the reservior is the most likely candidate ( assuming the coolant tank was moved to access the filter. Otherwise it may have a leaking cylinder head flange. If it even has a leak.
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leaking head gasket and or bad coolant level sensor.
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