check charging system message on 2005 Ford Explorer

The check charging system message comes on and goes off while driving. Two auto shops checked the battery and alternator and said they both are working correctly, but the message still comes on while driving. What else could be the problem?

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Try to turn on as much consumers as possible while driving, A/C, defroster, stereo, lights, etc..
and see if the message will comes on. If does, that means the charging voltage is insufficient.

Thanks for the help. I will certainly try tomorrow to see what happens.
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while you are driving under the a load, there may be a low voltage issue with the alternator. at our shop, we do not drive the car but maybe someone has to drive and monitor the voltage.

Thanks, I appreciate your help.
It may be several different things? Just because the alternator is charging it may not be charging enough to keep the light off? Also, most ford alternator have a single wire that sends a signal to the dash to let it knows how much it charging. It may be a faulty alternator, bad connection at alternator or broken wire? Its might be best to have the vehicle look at the dealership so they can trace the problem? I would hate to see you put a $300 alternator on and doesn't fix the problem?
Thanks for your help. Someone else told me pretty much what you said. Everything tested ok, so it may be a loose wire connection.
Did you find what the problem was? I'm having exactly the same problem. I have taken my explorer to the Ford dealer, they have changed the alternator twice (no charge the second time) but I still have the problem. Thanks for your help.
Will the car die while I am driving it?
No it won't die,it would just have a hesitant start. But I'm having the same problem with my 2003 explorer,the check charging system display popped up and I need to know what can I do if everything is checking ok?!!!
My charging system failure light comes on and if I slow down or stop sometimes not all the time my truck will shut off.
My truck just had its 2nd altinator put on in 2 mos. Same with my light and message center. And yes, it will make your car cut off in traffic...mine did both times...but it starts right back up!