check charging system on 2002 Lincoln LS

my check charging system came on and the battery light. replaced battery and lights still on what else should i check?

by in Jamestown, CA on May 05, 2010
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ANSWER by on May 05, 2010
checkk the alternator. the light is an indicator that the alternator is not charging the battery Roy
COMMENT by on May 05, 2010
i replaced that 4 months ago, anything else?
COMMENT by on May 05, 2010
still may have failed. check the voltage at the battery should be 14 or more
COMMENT by on May 06, 2010
thanks my husband had it tested alternator is out. hope i dont have to change it every 4 months. $175 for a new alternator and $169 for a new battery.
COMMENT by on August 24, 2010
what if i replaced both the alternator and then the battery and still have the check charging system???
COMMENT by on October 02, 2010
I am having the same problem right now
COMMENT by on October 15, 2010
has anyone found out the answer to this question? I have a 2002 Lincoln LS and have had the battery changed and the voltage regulators changed and still have the check charging system message. please help!
COMMENT by on November 02, 2010
i am having the same problems replaced battery-alt voltage ranges from 12-17 has a current draw that will run the battery dead over night,oh and that with every fuse and relay re-moved from the car.i,m stumped!!! bigtime.i,m leaning toward a possble BCM issue but was hoping i was,nt the only one with this issue as mine is a 01 that leaves 9 yrs oh someone else running into this are not easy to change muchless locate on these then the cost of parts.would love some info on this if anyone can help sure would appriate it e-mail is
COMMENT by on January 05, 2011
I have an 05 Freestyle and I have relaced both the battery and alternator. Immediately after they were replace, the check engine light came on. After about 4 hours, the check engine light went off, and now the battery light and "check charging system" comes on. It will only stay on for about 5 minutes, then it will go off for a while. Some times it will go on when the car is under high revs, or even sitting at a set of lights. There is no making sence of it. The voltage when the car is running, is 14.3 even when the battery light is on. ??????????
ANSWER by on June 27, 2013
Can someone email me a answer to this problem @
ANSWER by on January 16, 2016
I have a 2006, chevy equinox I replaced battery, starter, had alt. Check all good but still have battery light on suddenly it stops. I have to jump started or disconnect the battery for approximately one hour. Can you give me an idea as what else it can be. Thanks
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