Chasing a Ghost in the electrical system on 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier

My 92 Cavalier's warning signs and door dings continue to flash and beep when you shut the car off and pull the key out. We found the "flasher" relay and when you pull it, it stops, but the turn signals will not work then and there is still kuve 12V at the relay with the car off. Also the tail lights will just come on with the car shut down and locked for no reason and stay on till you pull the battery? I'm thinking it's related but just baffeled? Anyone know what's causing this??

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Sounds like a power wire shorted to ground. Get a wiring schematic and find the issue that way.
Thank you!! I have been trying to obtain a diagram but it's hard to find, any ideas where I can go to get one?
Library is a great free source.