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2003 GMC Savana 2500 Question: charging system warning light

I just replaced both the alternator and the battery. Now the charging system warning light continuously lights up for a few seconds the turns off while driving or idling. The voltage gauge reads 14 volts. I've driven the van several miles with the A/C and headamps on. The new alternator seems to keep the battery charged. With the engine off, the voltage gauge reads approx 12 volts. Any ideas as to why the charging light is doing what it does? -
Answer 1
After the vehicle is started how long does the light stay on? -
Comment 1
appox 10 seconds -
Comment 2
check how much amps the the alternator is putting out with a load on the battery ( lights on, radio on or ac on ) with that type of load it should produce about 60 amps . if it doesnt it will trigger the light on the dash to come on. -