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2003 Ford Expedition Question: charging system

I have a 2003 Ford Expedition...the battery light comes on and it says to check charging system. My gauge went all the way to L for my battery charge so I went and purchased a new battery because when they hooked it up to the machine it was only charged at 72%. It ran with no problem for 1 week. The auto zone guy even checked the alternator and he said it was nothing wrong. Then it started doing the same thing this past weekend. Took it back to auto zone and was told it was the alternator. Was on my way to my personal mechanic and the battery light went off, the check charging notification went off and the battery showed fully charged. My mechanic still put it on the machine but i was told since it showed no notification it showed nothing wrong. Last night I was headed to my moms and the gauge started going towards the L (low charge) again. I made it to my moms and turned my truck off, tried to start it again and it just clicked. Sat with my mom for 10min waiting on my fiance and when i went back out to try and start it, it started right back up and full charge. It cant be the alternator because it keeps starting back up with no need for a boost. Could it be the belt or is it something deeper...HELP!!! -
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Check for faulty connections or faulty regulator (or regulator control). If intermittent control problem , it may be hard to diagnose except when actually 'acting up'. -
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Thank you so much for this response -
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My car is doing the same thing. What was wrong with your car finally? -
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