Charging system on 1998 Chrysler Town & Country

battery lite keeps coming on and off, battery eventually goes dead, I was told it could be voltage regulator which is part of pcm? where is this located and can this be changed out by myself without to much trouble? Has anyone any information on this problem?

by in Port Huron, MI on February 13, 2010
0 answers
Related Items: disconnecting the battery the van will run fine for about 30 highway miles. After that the charging system failure light comes back on,after shutting the van off to try and reset stuff, the traction co...
My 2003 T&C with a nearly new battery failed to start. The battery failed to take a charge and was replaced, but the alternator output checked at only 13 volts, well below spec. The alternator be...
New batterie installed yesterday. Drove vehicle for 3 hours yesterday. This am batterie is again fully empty.
Rear system blows cold air and indicates proper charge, however the front system only blows ambient air.Are there separate low pressure valves for putting refrigerant in the system?
ac blows only hot air, had it serviced,compressor works, but still no cold air

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