Charcoal canister on 2001 Toyota Highlander

What should I expect to pay to replace the charcoal canister on the emissions system for my 01 highlander? Thanks.

The charcoal canister is only available from Toyota dealers (not available after market) generally the price is not greatly different between one dealer and another. The good news is it is simple to fit and comes with a new canister vent valve on it.
Its about what we charged a customer two weeks ago for the same job on a Toyota.
Thanks Pat - My first quote was $529 for the part and $100 for the labor - sound in the right ballpark?
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3 years ago, Toyota dealership replaced my charcoal canister for $1,000 plus. Yesterday, 12/1/2011,during a yearly inspection, I was told that my charcoal canister did not pass the emission standard and should be replaced. Parts & labor $625. Does the charcoal canister go bad that quick?
I had the charcoal canister replaced on my 2002 Highlander.
The cost was $800.00. I told the technician I wanted to see the part that they were removing and see the part they were replacing it with. What I saw was a black box that was made mostly of plastic with a metal bracket attached.
I am still having problems with the emission system of my car as my check engine light is on again. The technician believes it to be the charcoal canister again. If it is, the canister is still under warranty-thank goodness. Good luck with your problem.
Check that the vacuum hose coming out of the back of the engine air box (filter) is connected; sometimes it gets disconnected when the engine air filter is replaced. This caused evap codes on my 2002 Highlander and Toyota wanted to replace the charcoal canister and a bunch of other stuff. Luckily, I found the disconnected hose after driving for 5 months with the CEL on.
Thanks for the info. I had the same problem and after reading your post I checked behind the air canister and, just like you said, the hose was separated. I replaced it and reset the ECM. Let's see if I get the codes again. I hope not!!
800 plus 550 part, rest labor
factory price for the part