1996 Toyota RAV4 Q&A

1996 Toyota RAV4 Question: changing timing belt

is it necessary to change the timing belt prior to it braking and do I need to change the water pump at the same time. my quote 780.00 -
Answer 1
It's recommended to change the water pump while doing the timing belt because it's right there. -
Answer 2
to add, if the belt breaks, then your 780 estimate goes up to over 2000 from the valves being bent. stick to the mileage reccomendation from the owners manual. Roy -
Answer 3
the engine you have thank god is a non-contact engine , thus your fan belt failure cannot cause the cam to crush valves ,no mater what you you have a non contact engine, no valve crushing, you are not smart enough to put a new belt on ,its not easy,a toyota person shold know how to do it.dc4073106149 -
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