2008 Scion xD Q&A

2008 Scion xD Question: Changing the Camshaft Timing Oil Control Valve Sensor.

When changing the sensor, do I need to reprogram the computer? I changed the sensor, and the car starts but doesn't stay on, it only stays on if I hit the gas. -
Answer 1
was the battery disconnected before you replaced the sensor? -
Comment 1
Yes, it was -
Comment 2
ok, this may not apply to your toyota but try it any way, start the vehicle and keep foot on gas only a little bit try and hold it around 1500 RPM for a few minutes or untill the engine warms up it should stay running after that, if not you may need a scanner to reset the adaptives for the computer to relearn idle point, this happened to me on a 1993 chevy lumina z34 after i had replaced the alternator. -
Answer 2
Recheck your work for any unhooked, improperly hooked or loose componets if it doesn't clear up after running it for awhile! -
Answer 3
you may have caused more damage than good.scan codes and post if any -
Answer 4
If you would have spent $26.95 for factory step by step instructions then you wouldn't be here. www.alldatadiy.com -