Changing the Camshaft Timing Oil Control Valve Sensor. on 2008 Scion xD

When changing the sensor, do I need to reprogram the computer? I changed the sensor, and the car starts but doesn't stay on, it only stays on if I hit the gas.

Asked by for the 2008 Scion xD
Recheck your work for any unhooked, improperly hooked or loose componets if it doesn't clear up after running it for awhile!
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you may have caused more damage than good.scan codes and post if any
If you would have spent $26.95 for factory step by step instructions then you wouldn't be here.
was the battery disconnected before you replaced the sensor?
Yes, it was
ok, this may not apply to your toyota but try it any way, start the vehicle and keep foot on gas only a little bit try and hold it around 1500 RPM for a few minutes or untill the engine warms up it should stay running after that, if not you may need a scanner to reset the adaptives for the computer to relearn idle point, this happened to me on a 1993 chevy lumina z34 after i had replaced the alternator.