Changing spark plugs on 2004 Kia Amanti

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I want to change my spark plugs I see the front 3 but I do know where the other 3 are and how to change them
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they should be exactly on the opposite side
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The plenum may be covering them. If that's the case then this is not a DIYer job. Take it to an independent shop nearby.
I have to agree with Hal on this one, it can cost alot more if something goes wrong in the process.
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I also have to agree with Hal on this one so take in to a independent repair shop but go to the repair site first to learn about the cost of repair.
The intake is covering them but if you are some what mechanicly inclined this is not a very difficult repair. The major part to pay attention to is the egr gasket it is easy to loose also replace the intake gasket even if it looks ok.
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You have to be very patient and pay close attention to detail if you do this job yourself. It will take at least 10 hrs for a novice. There is alot of hand twisting and bending in weird positions with tools trying to get at bolts. There is alot to take off on top of engine. If you do it make sure you don't need to use the car for 2 days while fixing. Get manifold gasket set, plugs, wires. Or take it to shop for about 2-300 dollars.