Changing oil filter on 2006 Cadillac CTS

Where is the engine oil filter and how is it changed ?

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Why?! The cost of an oil change at a oilchangers is break even on the cost of buying the oil and filter! Why does anyone even bother changing their own oil, especially when you don't even know how to remove the oil filter.
Why does anyone bother to change their own oil anymore?
# 1- Because it's been known for years that "oilchangers" like (Jiffy Lube) do rotten things to peoples' cars, like re-use dirty oil.. And taking it to a giant automotive store, like (Pep Boys), takes hours for a job that should take them 30-45 minutes
and #2- Because I can
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i agree with the other answer. But becasue you asked, the filter is on top of the engine to the right of the top engine cover. It is "upside-down", meaning it sits "upright" and screws down onto the engine at the top of the engine. Like the other answer, the synthetic oil and oil filter will cost you as much as the oil change itself. Take it from someone who routinely changes the oil in my other cars. with a CTS, it is not worth it!
Valvoline charges 75.00 for synth oil change, buy 5 qts at Walmart 24.95
+ 5.99 one more qt and 7.00 for filter. Me and my son who is 19 changed it in 10 min. total price 39.00! save 36.00!!
im pretty positive its a canister filter in which u need a large canister socket, and u also need the gasket. ive worked alot of years in the lube industry and i can second the fact that it is almost cheaper to take it to a lube shop. best way to avoid getting scammed is by looking in your service manual that you have and seeing everything thats due, then telling them what is due and what you want. Otherwise, since many of them are on commission, they will tell you things are due that arent. (For example, if you want the thirty thousand mile service and they do everything, not checking if the coolant or tranny fluid is actually due at that mileage or not"
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