2003 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Q&A

2003 Mercedes-Benz ML320 Question: Changing front brake pads

Are there any special tools or equipment neede to change the brake pad in this vehicle? My son is a mechanic and I was hoping to save $ by having him do it but I wasn't sure if there were special issues with it. Thanks -
Answer 1
My brother did mine the other day, and it was so easy I could have done it myself...Front and back done in 1.5 hours. No special equipment needed. -
Answer 2
It is pretty easy...just did it last night - use TORX tool to remove two carrier (caliper) fasteners (bolts). Pull up caliper from bottom - be careful not to lose "rails" that pads travel on. Pads are retained in carrier by "dimples" on pad that drop into holes on carrier. Remove the pad attached to hydraulic cylinder last...just pull it straight out - held in piston by three spring pressure prongs. Compress piston with C Clamp before reinstalling new parts. Reverse process. Study parts...install is pretty intuitive. Hope this helps...by the way, I live in Ellisville, MO. Have you ever changed out parking brake shoes...having fits with this and can't seem to get it right??? -
Answer 3
what size torx to remove front caliper on ml 320 -
Answer 4
The two carrier ( caliper) fasteners (bolts) are stuck. The allen wenchs just would not move the bolts. I sparyed WD 40 but it did not help. What can I do to loosen the bolts, so I can change the brake pads. -
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