Changing battery on 2007 GMC Yukon

please i need help i wanted to know how do you change a 2007 gmc yukon (plain regular yukon not a 1500 or 2500) battery there is so much to do and i can't pay for it to get done the battery cost 160.00 alone how do i change this battery?

by in Chicago, IL on November 30, 2010
0 answers
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its not making any type of noise it had not been driven for a while once before I took the battery out to reset and it worked normal I changed them and unhooked the battery to reset and it didn't w...
i have changed the battery,belt,belt tensioner,and the alternator and the lights keep flickering and the charge light keep flickering what in the world could it be I am baffled
we've checked the battery and changed the cable heads
Keyless remote will lock door but won't open the door. I changed the battery but that didn't help. It is a GM 15186200.

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