Changing an ignition coil on 2005 VW Passat on 2005 Volkswagen Passat

I want to change the ignition coils for my 2005 VW Passat, it's the 4 cylinder 1.8L 4 door model.

How many ignition coils are there in the car and how do I change them?

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There are four ignition coils. They are simple to change. Take off the plastic engine cover (3 screws). On the left side you will find your 4 coils. The one closest to the front bumper is #1 and go back in numeric order to #4. To change unplug the cable by pushing in the clip that joins to the coil. Pull the coil straight out and discard. Push in the new coil all of the way in to spark plug. Hook your cable back up and replace engine cover.

Mission accomplished.
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Those are coil on plug, so there will be four ignition coils, I believe. To change them, you'll need at least a repair manual to guide you through it. You may get the help you need from
only number 4