Changed timing belt car turns over but still don't start, what could be.wrong.. on 2003 Kia Rio

Everything seems to be working fine but just doesn't crank over. replaced the idler and tensioner smells of gas tho

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Did the original belt break? Check compression on all 4 cylinders next! Post results.
No belt didn't break, some of the cogs were sheared off the belt. timed it all working just won't start. got lucky n got to it before it broke..

Missing teeth on the belt is even worse than breaking! Possible bent valves,, check compression NEXT!
Awesome thank you...will try back to ya..
Sure thing!
Well through all that did a compression test after installation of the new timing belt pullies a/c belt alternator belt..ouch..have a bent valve..lesson learned..
Thanks for the response, may help others with a similar vehicle to change the timing belt sooner! Sorry you had this problem but if that's the wrose thing that ever happens,,, aint to bad!!
Right..thanks for the
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So I'm pretty sure I have timed it wrong..where.ate the.marks for
y intake and exhaust?