changed the water pump and now it wont start,turnsover but dont start on 2008 Kia Rio

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changed the water pump on a 2008 kia rio lx,nowvthe car wont start
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Yikes! maybe you installed the timing belt incorrectly
ugh! You should have had the dealership or mechanic do that. Now you have a bigger problem. I would have your car towed and taken to a dealership or your local mechanic ASAP and tell them what you did. What I do know is that when someone who doesn't know a lot about cars thinks they can do it for a lot cheaper than car dealerships etc. can, think they will solve the problem. What you did, you created more problems than you realize.

Always, always, ALWAYS follow what your owners' manual says and when you have to take your car in for service, even if it is for a 3,000 mile checkup or for when you know when the battery has failed or if you need new tires etc. The dealership will tell you as well as the manufacturer will tell you when you need crucial maintenance on the car.

What you did, my friend, will cost you in the long run. I never change the parts in my car at all...I always take it to the dealership or local mechanic or someone that is reputable and does this either as a hobby or is a mechanic that I can trust, and they can tell me what to do and when and if it is crucial or it can wait.

If I were you, I would take that car to a dealership once you have read this message and see what they say.

Hope this helps and good luck.