changed the timing belt and fuel pump but the car will not start or stay running on 2005 Honda Civic

has no power going up hills if it does start

If it ran normal before changing the t-belt , you might re-check the belt alignment and make sure the tensioner was installed properly. If the tensioner is adjusted wrong the belt may have jumped time , after you tried to start it , even if you had things lined up correctly to start with.
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What were the reasons for replacing the parts in the first place? Did the car start and run prior to the repairs? If the car was not starting or running properly prior to the repairs, it's highly likely that the original problem was never addressed during those repairs. If the car was running fine prior to the repairs, I agree with the response from ziptie12 regarding the timing belt possibly jumping timing. There are many other possibilities, such as: faulty/defective new parts, clogged fuel filter, etc. If you would like to call me with more details, I may be able to help over the phone or if it becomes too complicated by phone, our repair shop is located in Uxbridge, MA, which is not far from you if you want to make an appointment to have us properly diagnose it for you.

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