Changed oil - got 3 quarts out, put 5 back in, but there's no leak/burn, WTF? on 1998 Toyota T100

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It had been around 5,000 miles since I had it changed at a shop, and after I put the 5 quarts in that the manual suggested, it read way above full on the dipstick.

My car-repair nut friend thinks I have the wrong dipstick, possibly I got a 4-cyl dipstick for a 6-cyl engine?

But that doesn't explain the missing 2 quarts of oil. The truck isn't burning it, there would be a black cloud following me, and I park every night in my driveway and would spot a leak immediately, but there's none.

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I think I would stop taking advice from your "car-nut buddy".
Oil doesn't evaporate. The oil went somewhere.
The truck takes 5 quarts. Evidently you didn't get all the oil out, assuming you changed the oil filter also.
I'm sure I got all of the oil out, and changed the filter.
That's not the problem.
We looked at the top of the engine through the filler port and the engine is pretty clean for its age, not gunked up.
Maybe the shop adjusted the level last time to the deepstick and thisway all they put in it was 3 quarts.And maybe nothing wrong with your truck.