Changed my coolant temperature sensor 24 hr ago on 2002 Volkswagen Passat

My temp. needle gauge would stay at 90. When i ran the diagnostic i got a code p1296 so i assumed it was the coolant sensor because i have no symptom that i have a bad thermostat. I have hot heat,car does not overheat, mileage same. I changed the sensor 24 hr ago after my needle gauge started working right, but today i notice the check engine light still does this mean its the thermostat ? If not what else could it be ?

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In addition, it is going to take awhile and a few start ups for the light to go out! You coud just get a repair shop or someone with a code reader to turn it off. If it comes back on with the same code, check the wires and connector to the sensor. You said the temp gauge is ok now so just have the light turned off.
1295 and 97. Is in turbo area. Coolant is not prob. A little help please
Google P1296. Trying to help! It did fix the gauge.
Looked on Mitchell under specific vehicle and wasn't there.
Found it on google. Just took a shot at it.
I turned it off i wasnt sure if it was normal to still be there.
How? With your code reader?
Yes i erased it. The engine light is no longer on i have a obd
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Are you sure of a P1296? Doesn't have a 1296 on that model. Has a P1295 and P1297.
Yes my obd is giving me the code p1296 cooling system malfunction
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