2003 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

2003 Chrysler Town & Country Question: changed my condenser and now it leaks a lot of water on front passenger side

He said the hose needed to have silicon around it please help he never came back -
Answer 1
This might just be condensation on the evaporator which has a drain plug, usually on the passenger side. Totally normal when ac is turned on and in operation. Turn off your ac and water should stop leaking out the drain after 1 hour or so. -
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But it continues dripping every time I turn the a/c back on -
Answer 2
Answer 3
Leaking on the passenger floor pan? -
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Yes under the glove box closet to the door panel -
Answer 4
drain hose on firewall (about three quarter in.) didn't get properly set or plugged perhaps with the silicone. I do believe your speaking of evaporator coil in side with heater core -