changed fuel pump--- on 1996 Dodge Ram 2500

I changed the fuel pump and bled the fuel line til it ran from the injector lines, so I know and hear Its getting gas, but now I have a new code (46)- It ran for 5 mins andI still have the same problem, Im hoping its not the voltage regulator- I know where that is.. battery and alt tested and good and new cranksensor, I have a box small relay looking with connection that are NOT bolted back to the frame on the side of the battery like the foudation broke and dont know what thats for- had a little back box with 2 prons (prons connnect) component just not grounded - will only start with starter fluid and has a half tank of gas!It ran for 5-8 mins yesterday died, and refused to restart. battery was fine this morning didnt need a jump and after a few 5 trys jumped one time trying to start 17degrees here. Left alone so I wont have to get a nother jump in case I get time to try later. after running tryed to drive in forward and cut off before the thought completed-- thanks again- Use to start with no problem! and only had problems during driving

by in Highland Park, MI on February 18, 2013
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ANSWER by on February 18, 2013
what is your fuel pressure at eng? at idle should be 50 lbs
COMMENT by on February 21, 2013
as greg said you should check fuel pressure and replace the filter
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